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Port Royal Society Scholarship

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With the Port Royal Society Scholarship, we want to support and encourage the studies of a Texas College student in the field of the Humanities (History, English, Religious Studies, philosophy, etc.). 

It is our mission to provide access to education for our surrounding community in need, which is why the family contribution of the recipient must show a need for the financial support through our PRS Scholarship.

Since 1637, The Port Royal Society has encouraged true piety and education - the gospel of the mind & the gospel of the heart - and we aspire to continue this legacy in our time today. Your financial, prayerful and truthful support is highly appreciated!


Education level

School location


Essay Prompt


Texas, United States

2 Letters of Recommendation

SAT Score Report



Please compose an essay to the following prompt:
‘Is there a ‘true’ nature of man and if so, how does this perception affect your life?’

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