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As The Port Royal Society, it is our mission to provide access to ancient books and the minds of the past. We hope that our resources provide a helping hand on your journey for truth, goodness and beauty and hope that we can spark your curiosity for the brilliant minds of the past. 

College Library

With our $2k Port Royal Society Scholarship we want to support and encourage the studies of a Texas College student in the field of the Humanities. 

Recommend our PRS Scholarship to a College student in need and help us to cultivate our community, grounded in truth. We are grateful for your support!

In our monthly Port Royal Society Book Club, we enjoy great community, vital conversations and a common appreciation for truth. We meet on the last Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm to discuss our book of the month. If you are looking for a local book club, truth and value respectful debate, we would love to welcome you to our Port Royal Book Club!

Multicolor Coffees
Pages of Book

In our educational videos, we talk about the great questions of life and provide insights to books of the likes of Seneca, Plato, George Washington or Saint Augustine. They are free for you to download and share.

We hope they inspire you to read the life-giving books - enjoy!

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